Wattle and Eucalypt Trees“Australia has been settled by white people for a little over 200 years. In that brief time, we have done grave damage to the landscape. Wattle is a pioneer species, and one of my joys driving around Australia is seeing a proliferation of many wattles that have sprung up in their bid to repair the scars of roads, housing estates or mining areas. It helps and inspires me to stand up to those that want to destroy my country with no regard for the future. If only we all realised that the environment can be so damaged so quickly, particularly with modern machinery, and that it can take thousands of years to repair. Wattles have a short life of around ten years, but in that time, they prepare the soil for the seeds of the majestic eucalyptus trees that are the lifeblood of the Koalas and their fellow inhabitants of the bush.”

A Koala Protection Act will protect all the tree species that Koalas need for their long term survival.